Moving to Lotus Notes from Microsoft Outlook

New to Lotus Notes? The following roadmap can help you become productive in no time!

Getting started with Lotus Notes

Moving to a new email and calendaring program can be challenging, but getting started with Lotus Notes is easier than you think. Notes is an integrated desktop client that provides ready access to your e-mail, calendar, group scheduling, and Notes applications. Before you begin using it, get to know the Notes client through our product tours and videos. Then follow the roadmap below to become familiar with specific Notes features.

Start here: Introducing Microsoft Outlook Users to IBM Lotus Notes

Start managing your Lotus Notes mail

Start managing your Lotus Notes mail

Notes gives you lots of options for staying on top of your email. For example, you can quickly scan your email in either a horizontal or vertical preview pane. You can also view your email by conversations, where threads of related email - even deleted ones - are grouped together for a clear view of the topic under discussion. Learn how to this and more with these demos.

Start here: Demo: Previewing e-mails in the sidebar

Learn to master Lotus Notes calendaring and scheduling

Learn to master Lotus Notes calendaring and scheduling

Notes calendaring is powerful and versatile. See a daily, weekly, and monthly view of your calendar. You can choose to display confirmed, rescheduled and unprocessed meeting invitations. Subscribe to iCal-based calendars and see a peripheral view of your entire day in one, easy to use interface. These demos show you how to do all this, and more.

Start here: Scheduling a meeting in Lotus Notes

Organize your contacts in Lotus Notes

Getting started with Lotus Notes contacts

Notes lets you organize your contacts by sorted lists or business cards. You can also share contacts with platforms that support the vCard file format. See these resources for more information.

Start here: Make a Notes mailing list (or group) from an Excel spreadsheet

Customize your Lotus Notes experience

Customize Lotus Notes

Once you have the basics down, you can customize your Lotus Notes client to suit your work style. Click here to learn more.

Start here: Tips for moving from Microsoft Outlook to Lotus Notes. 8.5.2

Just for administrators

Just for administrators

Click here for information designed to help administrators new to Lotus Notes.

Learn more

Learn more

Find additional learning resources - including demonstrations, videos, tutorials, reference cards, and web seminars - in the Learning Center.

Join the Lotus Technical Information and Education Community

Joing the LTIE community

The community includes IBM, business partner, and customer subject matter experts who use the latest in social media to build and share high quality technical content.

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